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Soul food meets Street food at Soogi Roll

About a week ago a new Korean restaurant opened its doors onto Pantai Pererenan, our main street, and it seemed like it was instantly a neighborhood hangout. How did that happen? Well, if you are the owners, Insook and Tim, then you have connections all across this lovely island.

Insook, Tim, and their son JJ in their brand new restaurant

Both have a long history with the famed Green School, where the original Soogi Roll started. So perhaps it was no surprise to see the restaurant here in Pererenan packed to overflowing during the first few opening days.

Spicy Pork Roll on the left and Buchimgai (zucchini pancake) on the right

Insook tries to walk the fine line between what non-Koreans expect and what her own Korean tradition offers. The result is a healthy mix of flavors that is best described as homey; the goal is not to challenge but to satisfy.

The results are yummy, so do yourself a favor and give Soogi Rolls a try. It won’t take long for you to feel right at home.

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