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Gruppetto: Cafe and Bicycles

Yet another restaurant opens in our wonderful little neighborhood! Along with Arte, Vignando, and The Pizzas, we now have another Italian restaurant called Gruppetto.

Owner Stefano, who has opened several restaurants in Bali, notably in Ubud, has climbed aboard the Pererenan ship and is steering it from the heart of our main street.

The name Gruppetto refers to a group of racing cyclists who form a group to avoid wind drag (also called an autobus), like a flock of geese flying across the sky:

Due to the common interest in survival, the mood in the autobus often has a greater sense of camaraderie than in the main peloton. Riders often assist one another with food and drinks despite riding for separate teams. It is sometimes referred to as “the laughing group”. 

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Stefano is providing a casual atmosphere so that a sense of camaraderie can extend from table to table.

The menu is quite extensive and includes non-traditional Italian dishes such as vegan meatballs made with lentils, as well as standard Italian fare with more classic ingredients.

There’s a brick pizza oven (in case you were wondering), although on my first meal I had the homemade pesto, which was delicious.

Please give Gruppetto a try.

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