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Enso Japanese restaurant is both elegant and off the beaten track

There is an abundance of villas, restaurants and shops that are tucked away down the narrow side streets of Bali. This is part of the “hidden beauty” of this intoxicating island. There are so many places that exceed one’s expectations, in areas that seem almost remote — or at the very least, quaint.

Enso Japanese restaurant fits the bill, as its impressive size seems almost out of place on a quiet street on the outskirts of Canggu. But don’t let its location put you off. The extensive menu should has something for everyone.

The spacious and gracefully minimal design is enough to whet your appetite

The staff is very friendly and the food is quite good, although I will need to return a few times in order to explore the unusually detailed menu.

If you like Japanese food you will be thankful that you found this unique, bold, and peaceful space.

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