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Under the Radar, Genius Bistro

Ive passed Genius Bistro numerous times and it has always made me curious. What kind of place is this? It’s also in an unusual location, on Jalan Sempol, in-between Pererenan and Canggu.

Turns out this French inspired bistro is quite good. The setting is lovely, the staff is a delight, and the food (I ordered French onion soup, mashed potatoes and pizza), was excellent.

The establishment considers itself to be a French Bistronomic Steakhouse. And they have a few fixed price options for a complete gastronomic experience. Besides that they have, of course, steaks, as well as several pasta and pizza options. So maybe its have French and half Italian? In Bali sometimes its hard to say.

I’d say you can’t really go wrong with the French onion soup. Especially during the rainy season. And if you like wine or unusual teas you’ve come to the right place.

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