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RiZE Cafe

You might pass RiZE Cafe by on your way to the beach, as it’s behind another restaurant, Zali.

It would be a mistake to pass this wonderful cafe without trying one of its signature dishes, the masala dosa. Wow. I started having it for breakfast, which I didn’t think I’d enjoy initially. But boy was I wrong. A breakfast dosa and its accompanying chai tea is just the ticket to spice up your day.

Zen entrance, stage left

There are other items on the menu but I just can’t seem to feign interest. The pancake reviews are quite good so there’s a remote chance I’d switch things up.

Zen entrance, stage right

There was one other place in Bali I would go to for dosas, which is Kurnia Village Resto. It’s been closed though during the pandemic (although the dosas are quite good).

In any case, on your way to the beach, or on the way home, it won’t hurt to give RiZE Cafe a try.

Update August 27th:

Tried their sourdough pancakes and they were quite good. I would have preferred an even more sourdough taste but the squashed strawberries and homemade granola were nice touches.

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