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Water Tank Maintenance

It’s not very exciting to repair your water tanks. But just the thought of the tank’s cheap steal stands giving way and imagining one or both of them rolling all over the roof gives me pause.

Fortunately I have a great repair guy, Jojo, who knows just about anyone you need regarding fixing things. I mentioned in a previous post the type of MacGyver culture that’s here in Bali. It’s remarkable.

With Jojo, I just Whatsapp him (the most popular social app in Indonesia by far) and within a day or two he will assess the situation. After that he usually requires some money to go buy parts. Then its on to the repair, which is handled with aplomb.

Welding fresh steel on top of the old steel

This job (steel reinforcement and paint) set me back $75 USD but a small leak was found and fixed on the side of one of the tanks. A double-coat of black paint will help prevent rust (it’s supposed to be stainless steal but since we’re near the beach — salty air — and also since Indonesia’s stainless steel is questionable, it’s best to proceed with precaution and prevention).

And besides, they look good!

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