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Totally BAKED, here in Pererenan

BAKED is a popular bakery which is based in Berawa, and now they’ve set up a lovely spot as my next-door neighbor! Today was their grand opening.

Having spent over twenty years in California, when I think of the word “baked” I can’t help but think of someone who has had too much marijuana to smoke. As in, “That guy is baked!” Meaning he is a high as a kite.

Luckily here the word Baked means a yummy bakery with lots of interesting food options. I still am trying to get my head around their coconut infused and layered croissant. Man that pastry comes on strong! But if you like coconut and you like croissants then you can’t go wrong.

The owner had an official blessing from the Balinese (see photo at the top of the page) about a week before the grand opening, which means the gods will be in his favor. However, I don’t think the owner will need too much otherworldly help as there are plenty of bread lovers still around.

I have yet to look at their full menu but since they are not far away I will have many opportunities to get to know their offerings.

Give them a try!

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