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Getting Serious about Sandwiches: Sandwichopedia Opens

With many Western-style restaurants in Bali, I set my sights for slightly above-average and then am pleasantly surprised if the food exceeds my expectations. Why? Because many bule (foreigner) owned restaurants start out with proper training, but then once the owner isn’t around, the standards shift as local tastes don’t match the food being served. How is a local to know how bolognese sauce supposed to taste without being exposed to Italian food?

With chef and owner Akbar, we have a different story to tell. Sandwiches are his passion, yet Akbar is Indonesian. So what’s coming out of his kitchen is going to be a fusion of sorts, and guess what? It works!


If you’re a Westerner, especially if you’re American, the sandwiches above speak to you. Of course there’s influences from all over the world — from France to Greece to the Middle East. Sandwiches, one can say, are universal. Except when they’re not! And here in Indonesia, they are not even on the back burner.

However, Akbar, the owner, has made 283 different types of sandwiches, according to his last count. And so to say the least, he’s pro-sandwich! So that is good news for Pererenan and for Bali.

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I had one of his signature sandwiches during my first visit, a Carnitas. It was very, very good. From the bread to the meat to the salsa, Akbar’s interpretation of the rich tastes of Mexico didn’t disappoint.

There are entire categories of sandwiches on offer besides the 6 signature items: Subs, Melted, Double Decker, Tartine, B-Roll, and more. There’s even 4 different types of egg sandwiches, for goodness sake.

For breakfast there’s 8 types of English Muffin sandwiches, with names such as Eggslut, Schroomate, Johnny English and Crazy Sal.

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By now you’re (hopefully) getting the idea that sandwiches at this venue are not a trivial experience.

Highly recommended.

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