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Down-home with Home

Like many people, I judge a restaurant or cafe by the quality of the food, although atmosphere does play a role. However, in these times of food porn and Instagrammable moments it might be easy to forget the importance of the craft taking place inside the kitchen.

In the case of Home, a new restaurant (or shall I say diner?) in lovely Pererenan, there is a concerted effort to be “food forward.” In the long run it makes sense to be passionate about flavor and memory and the twenty small, subtle things that make a meal stay with you long after the last bite is swallowed.

But in the short term it may make more sense to push the glitter, the photo-ready corner of a hip spot, because in the end it’s about your social media post. It’s about you, not the food.

At Home it’s about things like finding the closest plant to cilantro you can find locally in order to make salsa for the breakfast burrito. After all we’re not in Mexico, but don’t tell that to Mary, the owner, and her chef husband Wayan. They will get the flavors as close to perfection as humanly possible.

A delicious Mexican breakfast burrito. Enjoy it all day long.

So set aside your online reputation. Get real. Get Home.

P.S. Future culinary projects include homemade bagels (and much, much more). We’re dealing with a chef, an artist, and the possibilities are way beyond what decorations might be on the walls.

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