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Going Big for Brunch

Our little neighborhood of Pererenan is trying its best to squeeze some large venues into its little footprint. While I love the design of Brunch Club, I am a bit surprised at its size. If you like a lot of elbow room while you’re eating your pancakes (uh I mean “porncakes”) then you’ll feel right at home.

Turns out their porncakes take thirty minutes to prepare, so instead I had their cinnamon donut French toast.

I really liked the generous portion and the yummy taste. Not heavy on egg flavor, the fresh fruit and cinnamon dominate the taste buds.

For lunch, if you like to think big, try their buttermilk waffle with double-dipped fried chicken. I’ve seen a photo and the dish looks like a doozy.

Since you can’t quite cozy up to the Brunch Club, come on in and spread out, have them porncakes and smashed avocado and mega waffles and think big. The world is your oyster. I mean omelette.

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