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BABAstreet: Where Thai, Malay, Indo & Sg Meet

When different cuisines cross-pollinate you can get beautiful, fragrant flowers, or you can get weeds. Fortunately at BABAstreet, it’s an in-your-face rainbow bouquet. Whether you go curry or crispy pork belly, or whether you go moo ping or mee pok, you will be in for some very pleasant surprises.

A cozy interior. The focus is on the food, but the atmosphere is pleasant enough

I’ve had several dishes and so has my wife, and each time we visit there’s something new to discover. Not all of the items are on the printed menu, so visit their Instagram for the latest and greatest inventions.

We’ve been living in the Pererenan area for over three years and my poor wife has not found a single restaurant that satisfies her mostly Indonesian requirements. That is, until BABAstreet opened its doors.

It’s a more spacious scene outside

The owner, Ani, is Indonesian but worked in the Sydney restaurant scene for years. After her work-shift ended she invariably made her way to a local Thai place and ate her way through northern Thailand’s heavenly cuisine. She must have recorded her food discoveries and brought them back home to Indonesia after merging them in extraordinary, fanciful dreams.

Somehow it all came together.

Turbo-charge your scooter and speed over to BABAstreet. You won’t be disappointed.

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