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Getting Stylish at Ohana Retreat Bali

Our guest Alex is a digital nomad, from Romania. He’s a fit and disciplined guy and has settled into Bali very comfortably. For work Alex is a sales guy. I’m not sure exactly what he sells but the point is it pays the bills.

During his free time, Alex has been tempted by a side gig, modeling.

Recently Alex brought a photographer, Vick Azhar, to Ohana for a photo shoot. There was a surprising amount of gear (this is only some of it):

In the end the shoot was a success, don’t you think?

Getting ready…

And… the money shot:

2 replies on “Getting Stylish at Ohana Retreat Bali”

Interesting. In looking up the photographer’s Instagram account, it seems there is quite a bit of modeling and fashion photography happening there in Bali. Understandably.

Yes there’s a lot of social media influencers and they seem to love modeling. Side gigs are part of the lifestyle

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