About Us

Hello and thanks for visiting us (virtually). We hope to see you in person soon.

Shelly is Indonesian and Neill is an expat from the USA.

We built our boutique hotel / premium homestay with lots and lots of attention to detail. From choosing the location at the very beginning, to deciding on the soap and shampoo before opening to the public, we were “hands on” the entire time.

There is something very satisfying about starting with raw land and building a dream building. From working and re-working the plans with our architect, to imagining, for example, what our mural artist has in store for a bedroom wall:

to trying to figure out what you, our potential future guest, might fall in love with. These and other inspirations guided us throughout the 1.5 year process.

While we sincerely hope you will someday sleep on our 5-star beds, if you unable to stay, then at least join us for a drink on our rooftop bar.

Neill & Shelly