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“What’s not to love? Gorgeous new modern design with all the amenities: pool, rooftop bar and rooms with ocean views, walk to the beach and massage and cooking classes onsite. Best of all, friendly hosts to give us the local insider tips on Bali!” — Sharon via Facebook

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We have 2 Deluxe Rooms and 4 Loft Rooms.

We also rent the entire facility for large groups. Contact us here for a customized quote.

Cooking Classes

Miniatures (Coming soon to Ohana!)

Make a miniature Indonesian fruit & veggie stand. Learn the techniques of making very very small things! And also the Indonesian names of the fruits and veggies you make.

An Indonesian warung or food stand (about 6 inches / 16 centimeters tall).

From Rice Seed to Fried Rice

Learn how rice farmers turn seedlings into edible rice and top it off with a home cooked meal: the classic Indonesian nasi goreng (fried rice):

From our Partners

Learn how chocolate is farmed and then transformed from beans to bars

Single origin chocolate Bali style