Experience the Best of Bali

There’s so much to see and do while in Bali. Our list will continue to grow, and so come back to learn more, or get our monthly newsletter.

Cooking Classes

Besides being your co-host with Neill, I offer cooking classes in my kitchen. If you sign up we will make noodles from scratch, then learn how to make a noodle soup with ingredients unique to Indonesia. For dessert we will make a very special Indonesian style crepe with pandan leaf, freshly grated coconut and palm sugar. From crushing the peppers to plating the food, you can be as active as you like.

Advice for 6 Days in Bali

The following suggested itinerary is based on using Ohana Retreat Bali as an accommodation base and then taking small trips around Bali (except for the final day when its a 2 hour car trip each way!).

Note: this is a suggested itinerary only. We are not licensed travel agents, although we can arrange for daily transportation to any of the suggested attractions.

If you fill out the Express Interest form on the trip page then we can communicate about the specifics of the trip. You can even choose which parts of the itinerary you prefer.

Miniatures (Coming soon to Ohana!)

Make a miniature Indonesian fruit & veggie stand. Learn the techniques of making very very small things as well as the Indonesian names of the fruits and veggies you make.

Experience the Best of Bali, Ohana Retreat Bali
An Indonesian warung or food stand (about 6 inches / 16 centimeters tall).

From our friends:

KIM’s Women’s Centre

Empowering Women and Girls in Bali

About one hour+ away from Ohana, KIM’s offers a wide variety of programs, such as cooking, sewing, bamboo bicycle making, health & body, gardening, and more. They also cater for groups of 14 or more.

Experience the Best of Bali, Ohana Retreat Bali
Ready to cater for groups of 14 or more

Send your inquiry here.

Equestrian Riding Retreat with Carol Dixon

Equestrian Riding Retreat is like no other experience in Bali. This carefully crafted retreat combines unique riding experiences with stunning accommodation and curated gourmet eating options. It’s the perfect way for riders of any level to improve their riding in a beautiful Balinese setting while making friends from all over the world with a shared passion for horses and food.

Click here for more information.

Experience the Best of Bali, Ohana Retreat Bali

Chocolate Workshop

Learn how chocolate is farmed and then transformed from beans to bars

Experience the Best of Bali, Ohana Retreat Bali
Single origin chocolate Bali style