Fresh Food Options in Pererenan & Beyond

While there is a bonanza of restaurants in Canggu and Pererenan, sometimes you want to take matters into your own hands and prepare a meal in your own kitchen.

Given that most locals avoid supermarkets and stick to the local pasar, you might think that getting high quality Western-friendly food is a chore. Think again.

Change your mind and want to go to a restaurant instead? Then check out this list instead.

Local Markets

  • Pasar Adat Buduk

This traditional food market, or pasar, is 12 minutes away by scooter and is open daily. Pasar Adat Buduk has most of the fish, meat, veggies and fruit that you need, although speaking Bahasa Indonesia would be very helpful. If you don’t speak Bahasa you can point to what you want and you will get, for the most part, a decent price.

  • Pasar Semat Sari

About the same distance from Pererenan as Pasar Adat Buduk, Pasar Semat Sari is also a traditional market, with loads of fresh food options at local prices.

  • Bali Direct

Originally an online store, the Pererenan shop is conveniently located on Pantai Pererenan. Although the choices are far less in the shop than online, you can pickup your order at the shop if you don’t want to pay the delivery fee.

  • Indimete Pererenan

Not far from Acme Roasters & Bakery is a little health food shop called Indimete. They have more items than you can imagine tucked into their cute little space. They also do home delivery.

  • Putri Fresh Organic

This little hole-in-the-wall shop has a bunch of fresh produce as well as juices and jamus (local health drinks), etc.

  • Toko Resin & Agung Mart

Toko Resin is where the locals go to pick up last minute items. They have a small selection of fruits and veggies but also have propane tanks for your cooktop stove, as well as pet food. A nice little all-in-one shop. Around the corner is Agung Mart, with more convenience store options. They have a mini gas station out front.

  • Samadi Market

Samadi Market is a Sunday market that caters to expats and digital nomads. Here English is spoken widely and so while prices are higher than at the local markets, you still will save money compared to a supermarket.


  • Bali Sustainable Seafood

Order on their website and then they will deliver to your doorstep.

  • Kedonganan Fish Market

The Kedonganan Fish Market is the real deal. Here you can buy the widest variety of fish from the fisherman themselves. About 40 minutes from Pererenan.


  • Acme Roasters & Bakers

Located directly on Pantai Pererenan, Acme is smaller that BAKED but has enough choices, from sweet to savory, that will keep you calorically happy.

  • BARO Bakery

BARO specializes in healthy breads and pastries but does not compromise on taste. If you’ve ever had whole wheat bread that tasted like cardboard, BARO is the opposite experience.

  • Monsieur Spoon

Also located on Pantai Pererenan, but closer to the beach, is the bakery / cafe Monsieur Spoon. Their brioche loaf and their croissants are very French, and so is the owner.

  • Starter Lab Bakery

Starter Lab Bakery specializes in sourdough bread, and they like to bake it on the well-done side. If that’s your thing you will love Starter Lab.

  • Esperluette

Esperluette sells delicious croissants and baguettes, as well as a few health drinks. They also have a lovely selection of breakfast and lunch items.

  • Genius Bistro

Speaking of brioche, Genius Bistro also makes them, as well as French baguettes. This place is a full-blown bistro as well.

  • BAKED.

In the neighborhood of Berawa, but soon coming to Pererenan, is a well-known bakery that hits and the right buttons, and maybe even some buttons that shouldn’t be hit (croissant with a layer of coconut?).

  • Farine

Farine is known as a sourdough bakery and has a fine reputation. They have expanded their bakery options quite a bit and also serve sandwiches etc.

Juice / Jamu

  • Remix Juice

If you want your fruit and veggies but in the form of juice, or jamu (Bahasa for health drink), then you have a few options. Remix is right on Pantai Pererenan.

  • Green Food Market

If you want more juice for your money and some powerful ingredients contact Dianna, owner of Green Food Market (from the Samadi Sunday Market).

  • Ninie’s Kitchen

Also known as Bali Fermented Kitchen, Ninie’s makes traditional wild fermentation probiotic & gut microbiome health drinks, sauces, etc.


  • Temuku Pupuan

Temuku Pupuan offers a variety of farm baskets that they deliver to your home, in addition to offering gardening courses, workshops etc on their land, about 1.5 hours from Pererenan.

  • Little Spoon Farm

Little Spoon Farm has a farm box delivery service, as well as catering and consulting services. They are an Indonesian run farm with sustainable values.

Grocery Stores

  • Fantasy Supermarket

Fantasy Supermarket is a locals version of a Western supermarket. Smaller, more compact, but with a surprising number of items in stock. Prices here a cheaper than a Western-style supermarket like Pepito’s.

  • Tiara Gatzu

Tiara Gatzu is a much bigger market than Fantasy and less than 20 minutes from Pererenan. There is a everything from fresh fish and meat counters, fruits and vegetables both local and imported. Huge selections of sauces and sambals, oils, beer, coffee, etc. Upstairs is cosmetics, body care, household items, and even clothes and school supplies.

  • Pepito Market

Pepito Markets are ubiquitous around the tourist areas of Bali. Apparently locally owned, the market serves expats, digital nomads and tourists. There’s a full selection of items that, while not comprehensive, is nevertheless on sale: convenience but at a cost.

  • Frestive

Frestive seems like a livelier version of a Pepitos Market. They are about the same size but their selection is perhaps a bit more upscale. They’re not a boutique grocery by any means, but they may have an unusual item that Pepitos doesn’t carry.

Specialty Shops

  • Km0

Km0 makes their own cheeses. Plus gelato and a few other surprises.

Online Markets

  • Bali Direct

There’s a cornucopia of options at Bali Direct. Convenient delivery is also included, although you can pickup your food at the Pererenan shop.

  • Compass Fresh

Compass Fresh is a kind-of online supermarket. Order what you need and get it delivered.