Your Private Hotel

In these uncertain times, privacy is no longer a convenience. For a small hotel like ours, we can assure your safety by offering you partial or complete privacy.

Partial Privacy:

All of our rooms and public spaces are devoted to you and your group, except for the owner’s apartment.

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Owner’s apartment is outlined in red.

The owner (yours truly) and his wife live here, with our dog Twinky (a mini Pomeranian).

You have the option under this plan to accommodate up to 20 people, in 4 loft rooms and 2 deluxe rooms.

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Loft Rooms
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Deluxe Rooms

For more information about the amenities for each room and additional photos:

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Additional Amenities:

  • Electronic Gate
  • Private Road
  • Protected Parking
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Pool (with Floating Bed and Chaises)
  • Spa Room (massage, facials, & hair treatments)
  • Koi Pond
  • Rooftop Bar
  • Yoga Space
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  • Daily: 6,500,000 rupiah (minimum 2 nights)
  • Weekly: 35,000,000 rupiah (six nights)
  • Monthly: 125,000,000 rupiah

Total Privacy

With this option you have complete privacy, including the owner’s apartment (don’t worry we will find a place nearby and be available on call):

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Apartment Living Room
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Apartment Dining Room & Kitchen

Our apartment is fitted with 1.5 bathrooms, an open living, dining and kitchen area, and a large bedroom with a King bed. In addition there’s two TVs, a large wardrobe, a safe, as well as a sunken bathtub/shower.

All of the options for partial privacy are included. With total privacy you have room for 2 additional people, for a total of 22.

Housekeeping and maid services are included and chef services are available upon request. Frequency of housekeeping and maid services are up to you.

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  • Daily: 9,000,000 rupiah (minimum 3 nights)
  • Weekly: 49,000,000 rupiah (six nights)
  • Monthly: 170,000,000 rupiah

Additional Information:

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