Our location & things to do in Pererenan

We’re about 45 minutes from the airport, with minimal traffic. Next to Canggu’s Echo Beach.

The following list of restaurants, warungs, spas, and other interesting places will be updated regularly, as venues change rather frequently. Other than the supermaket (Pepito’s) and the pharmacy (Guardian), we have chosen lesser-known places since major venues such as Old Man’s and The Lawn are easy to find:

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The Beach

Our location & things to do in Pererenan 1

An up and coming beach area approximately 800 meters from Ohana Retreat Bali and located west of Echo Beach. There’s a small shack next to the beach that sells drinks and snacks, and there’s some beach chairs. But the main action is on Echo Beach, which is accessible across a walking bridge (10 minute walk).

  • Combi cafe

A converted Volkswagen van sometimes parked at the entrance to the beach. Serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Have a coffee or snack in their new (February 2020) Coffee & Surf cafe, or head upstairs for a cocktail or a beer while enjoying the view of Pererenan Beach. A funky atmosphere keeps things relaxed.

Away from the beach

Casual Italian food. Excellent lasagna (try the vegetarian pesto). The pizza is quite good, and of course they have a large selection of beer (most are on the pricy side, but they’re hard to find in Bali.

A lovely French style cafe with soup, sandwiches, and pastries. Homemade croissants and breads are a must.

Bokacika is a backpackers restaurant/hostel. Reasonable prices and a mellow atmosphere.

Born Bright offers a hipster or fusion version of Indonesian food, as well as Western options. There’s a play area for kids too.

Our location & things to do in Pererenan 2

A stylish cafe fit for the Instagram and digital nomad crowd, Honey is open from breakfast until 10pm. A diverse offering of Western foods. Just 4 minutes by foot from Ohana Retreat Bali (head towards the beach).

Japanese restaurant with tasty food. The Udon noodles are quite good. Just 2 minutes from Ohana Retreat Bali by foot.

  • Vignolia

A small Italian cafe with surprisingly good pizza and Italian food. The espresso coffee is excellent too. Near Ohana Retreat Bali.

Our location & things to do in Pererenan 3

A Spanish-style fish restaurant with great food and atmosphere. A bit pricey but worth the indulgence. If you show your Ohana Retreat Bali gate key you will receive a 15% discount. A five minute walk.

Along Jl. Munduk Kedungu

Located on Jl. Munduk Kedungu, a 5 minute scooter ride or a 25 minute walk, Warun Kezia is a locally owned restaurant with two settings: next to the kitchen or down by the rice fields. They serve up Western food but its the Indonesian dishes that should be ordered here.

For extra healthy food and a lovely, quiet atmosphere, give Kinoa a try. The owners are very friendly.

Continuing north on Pantai Pererenan

Another Instagram-friendly spot, Cactus cafe takes pride in the photogenic food displays. Lots of salads, sandwiches, smoothies & health drinks.

  • Remix Juice

Homemade juices with local ingredients.

Bali Bowls has a very Canggu approach to food. Smoothie bowls galore, as well as other health food options abound.

A safe place for a foreigner to try Indonesian cooking. You can choose 5 items from the display case or order individual items. The Soto Ayam (chicken soup) is quite good, as well as the fried chicken and beef rendang in the display case

  • Victory Fitness Club

A small but functional fitness club for day use.

Our location & things to do in Pererenan 4

A lovely and quaint cafe serving a variety of Western breakfast and lunch items. Try the croissant with scrambled eggs, bacon & feta cheese. Friendly owner and staff too.

Also new (February 2020) is an excellent burger place run by the two cool guys who run Pescado, Jose & Rubin. Their fried onions are over the top delicious so don’t forget to add it if its not already included.

A surprisingly nice little Indian cafe in the middle of Pererenan. The small platters are ideal for one person.

Yet another Indian restaurant on Pantai Pererenan? Yes, but this one is a fusion of Indian and Indonesian (And even middle eastern), which works most of the time. Worth a try as the prices are very reasonable.

Along Jl. Raya Canggu & Jl. Raya Tanah Lot

When heading away from the beach, Jl. Pantai Pererenan connects with Jl. Raya Canggu. Bear left and you will be on Jl. Raya Tanah Lot. Within a minute by scooter you will see Pepito’s on the right.

The go-to supermarket for tourists, Pepito’s has a fairly wide selection of fruits, veggies, meats, and some fish, as well as, of course, beer, wine and spirits. You can go to a local market for your perishables but you need to arrive around 7am. If you’re interested Shelly at Ohana Retreat Bali can arrange for a trip to the local market.

A large gas station on the left side of the road, across from Pepito’s.

A friendly restaurant with views of the rice fields, Warung el Passo serves foreigners as well as locals. The duck is quite good. Prices are reasonable given that its a restaurant and not a small warung.

If you want to really enjoy a locals warung you cant go too wrong with WBA Sepang, Kuliner Khas Bali. There must be a shorter name that the locals use lol. Prices are quite low and the menu is on the limited side, but try some a sambal such as sambal metah with your dish.

This cafe bakes its own bread (known as roti in Indonesian). They have a lovely French toast, with lots of fruit. Worth a try if you want to get off of the Instagram hipster path.

There are a few Mexican restaurants in the Pererenan / Canggu area. This one is pretty close by scooter (maybe 8 minutes) and its pretty good. A note: guacamole made in Bali uses locally grown avocados but they’re not nearly as good as the Hass avocado out of California.

A very large restaurant serving Indonesian & Indian cuisine. Chose the Indian food and do yourself a favor and get a masala dosa. And a mango lassi.

Along Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan

Here’s another Mexican place, and this one is cuter and cozier. Food is good, although one cannot compare it to California or Tex Mex.

Alive Wholefoods is a health food store with specialty items geared to health conscious tourists. It’s a smaller version of Bali Buda Canggu, which is 2 minutes south (towards the beach) by scooter.

  • La Pan Nam Warung & Bar
Our location & things to do in Pererenan 5

La Pan Nam is a popular warung serving both Western and Indonesian food, although here I’d stick to Western food. Great prices and a friendly staff. You can’t go wrong here if your goal is decent food at a decent price.

Starter Lab are a dedicated bunch of bakers who make fine breads, but sometimes they are slightly over-baked in my opinion. That said the focaccia is quite good. Prices are not low.

Sunday Market is directly across the street from Starter Lab and occupies the Samadi Bali facility. There’s lots of choices of fresh fruits and veggies, as well as health drinks, breads, coffee, sweets, as well as a health food restaurant in the back. Vendors in the back sell jewelry, clothing, etc.

Bali Buda is a combination of a boutique grocery and a cafe. Lots of items that are not available in Pepito’s Grocery can be found here.

In Indonesia a pharmacy is called an Apotek, and there are some that are quite good, with excellent prices. But if you need an English speaking pharmacist then go to Guardian.

The Jl. Batu Mejan area is growing even at a faster pace than Jl. Pantai Pererenan. There’s Kombucha Brewing Company, a Japanese ramen shop called the Big Slurp, a vegan cafe called The Sloth Bali, etc etc.

As you continue south towards Echo beach there are more and more restaurants and shops. Bearing left and away from Echo Beach is Pantai Batu Bolong Street, which is the heart of Canggu.

Keep coming back for updates.