Monthly Rentals

Our monthly rates are an excellent choice for those who can work remotely, are on extended holiday, or just happen to want to live in a boutique hotel!

Regardless, we are excited to have you become a more regular member of the Ohana family.

Monthly Rentals, Ohana Retreat Bali
Deluxe Room

For the Deluxe Room (sleeps 2) its 10,000,000 rupiah (approx $730 USD).

Monthly Rentals, Ohana Retreat Bali
Loft Room

For the Loft Room (sleeps 4) its 16,000,000 rupiah (approx. $1,169 USD).

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Monthly Rentals, Ohana Retreat Bali

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Monthly Rentals, Ohana Retreat Bali

Our Simple Rules

  • We are a party-free facility, so no parties except if you rent the entire facility.
  • No illegal drugs allowed. Immediate eviction without any refund if drugs are discovered.
  • No smoking in the rooms.
  • We clean the room every 2 days, change your towels once a week, and your linens twice a month.
  • When friends visit we cannot provide pool towels or amenities that are for our guests.
  • For overnight friends, if the frequency becomes daily then we may have to change the accommodations rate, depending on the room.
  • Please do not give the password for the gate to others, such as GoJek drivers. If you expect a friend or a delivery, the person can ring the bell and we will open the gate.
  • After using a public space, such as the cafe, please clean it so others can use it. If it is not clean when you arrive, please come to our apartment and we will have it cleaned immediately.
  • We expect all of our guests to respect the facilities and keep it in good condition.