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Kite season 2020

The above photo is from a kite that fell from the sky, onto our property, just a few days ago. We would have been happy to return the kite, but no one has claimed it. So now the kite will decorate one of our parking garage walls. This time of year the winds blow and […]

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Pererenan Beach still draws the crowds on Sundays

It’s always a welcome sight to see the locals enjoying their Sundays at the beach. As you can see from the above photo, the contrast between Sunday evening and Monday morning is extreme. In fact, after sunset the crowds start to fade and the beach starts to return to its normal state, which is typically […]

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Another Daily Walk Option

We can take the same trail as mentioned before, but this time heading left as we pass the stream, instead of right. If we are lucky we may see cattle egrets following a rice farmer around as he tills the soil. And we will see mellow cows as they await their grass meals from the […]

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Pererenan Beach to Echo Beach – bridge completed

An exciting development for those that live or visit Echo Beach or Pererenan Beach: now you can conveniently walk over a bridge whereas previously you needed to wade across a stream.

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A celebration of the new beach structure in Pererenan

A special club event of Harley Davidson members crowded the new semi-circular structure at Pantai Pererenan. The event is a celebration of the Pererenan side of the beach project, as the walking bridge connection to Echo Beach is not yet completed. The surprise was how many Harleys are in Bali: As a USA citizen I […]