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Ohana Retreat Bali during the month of April

This month we have been under the Covid-19 siege and so we have been in lockdown. Our one set of guests have been with us throughout this strange time, but mostly Ohana feels quite empty. Still it is an inspiration to us. Sometimes it’s enough to just observe how the light affects the view of […]

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Our Lost World: 5 Stages of Grief

The future is unknown except for one brutal fact: it is divorced from the past. Yet there has usually been a continuum from the distant past to the more recent past, and from a few weeks ago to yesterday. In our current world, we are dealing with a new ball game. And because it is […]

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A massive dark cloud and the potential for a silver lining

About 2 weeks ago I went out to lunch with a couple of friends and due to its noisy atmosphere (Sisterfields in Seminyak) I raised my voice more than usual and came home with a scratchy throat. I began googling and started to read about “the virus”: People may be sick with the virus for […]