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My favorite farmer and other news

As some of you may know by now, there are great walking trails as well as quiet roads around Pererenan. I’ve documented my walks here, here, and here. Over time I have encountered many fellow walkers, as well as the local rice and cow farmers. I tend to wave and say Pagi (morning) and continue […]

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The cows in the field are quite still

I’m in Bali  The cows in the field are quite still They observe the rice farmers with their daily rituals Checking and adjusting water levels Weeding Tilling Recycling dead rice stalks by burning Releasing ducks for cleaning and fertilizing Planting rice seedlings Harvesting The cows in the neighboring field are quite still Rice is sacred […]

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The Cacao Beans of Bali

The Primo Chocolate Factory (from Bean to Bar) is a small, artisan operation that has at its helm a colorful and entertaining Italian man named Pepe: His lovely wife has a bakery at the rear of the property and you will most likely be invited to sample her breads / breadsticks: Pepe is as old […]