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Airside Restaurant Takes Flight

There’s a new restaurant in Pererenan and it raises the bar for style and taste. Airside is owned by a Japanese woman (Satchi) and her Balinese husband. So trying their Japanese or Indonesian dishes is a sure thing. The bamboo architecture is jaw-droppingly cool. And the rice field views from their deck are not too […]

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Saté Grill (or Satay) at your service

We installed a modern saté (satay) grill here at Ohana. So with advanced notice, we can make grilled chicken, shrimp, vegetables etc as a custom food order. Here’s a look at chicken saté: For the chicken saté we marinate the chicken overnight and then make an amazing peanut sauce with belimbing that can be lathered […]

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Walking bridge joins Echo and Pererenan beaches

Plans are made, adjusted and negotiated, and then finally the workers are called so that something real comes of the plans. In this case its a lovely walking trail and bridge that connects two beaches. The first of two bridge support runs are in place. The view across to Echo Beach. Up close and personal […]

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Pererenan Beach Development Continues

The project to connect Pererenan Beach with Echo Beach continues daily. When I first reported on the development project there were a few dozen massive rocks moving into place. A couple of months later a walking trail was being formed: Now there’s red brick finish work underway, and across the large stream you can see […]

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A very special Balinese experience

Our builder, Wayan, is a leader in his local village and twice a year hosts a Balinese ceremony. (Photo: Wayan to my left, his partners, and the site foreman – in a striped shirt) Wayan invited Shelly and I to a post-ceremony celebration of music, dance and Balinese cuisine at his home. It was a […]