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Trying Traditional Medicine

I had an accident that was too ridiculous to describe in detail. Let’s just say I was on my way to adding a few tiny fish to our koi pond and ended up in it temporarily. I had a nice but small gash below my left knee, and then Shelly went looking for stitch bandaids, […]

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Our cute little Spa

There’s nothing quite like stepping out of your exceedingly comfy room and surrendering yourself to the hands of a highly trained masseuse.  Here at Ohana Retreat Bali we take pride in making your life less stressful. Whether you arrived randomly by strolling down our private road, or are staying here for a month, we genuinely […]

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Come to Pererenan and Boost your Health

There has already been scientific studies proving the benefits of immersing yourself in green spaces. The Japanese even have a name for it, “forest bathing.” Benefits include: lower heart rate and blood pressure reduction in stress hormone production boosted immune system improvement in overall feelings of wellbeing Now there is new research supporting exposure to […]