Guests News

A lovely holiday season

While November was as slow as molasses, December was quite hectic, at least for the final week. We had people from Canada, Sweden (two families — who didn’t know one another), Australia, America and Germany. We spread the word that on New Year’s eve we were going to make an Indonesian meal, and two families […]

Local life News

Walking bridge joins Echo and Pererenan beaches

Plans are made, adjusted and negotiated, and then finally the workers are called so that something real comes of the plans. In this case its a lovely walking trail and bridge that connects two beaches. The first of two bridge support runs are in place. The view across to Echo Beach. Up close and personal […]

News Travel Tips

Early evening stroll in Pererenan

The best times for walking are early in the morning or the late afternoon. Not only are the ultraviolet rays milder and thereby less damaging to your skin, it is also cooler (although in the tropics “cool” does not mean “grab a sweater”). Map: Directly across the road from Ohana Retreat Bali is a lovely […]

Construction Design News Preliminary Work

Apartment-style Living in Pererenan

If you use your imagination you can see the following features of an apartment-style unit. There will be a total of four of them: The mezzanine level support column is almost in the middle of the photo. To the left will be a staircase. A king bed and small bathroom will be upstairs, and a […]