Week #35 — Pool tile saga begins & more

Work continues on many fronts. What I thought might be a five day job — tiling the swimming pool — turns out to be a major underestimation. It will probably be 15 days or so.

Our mural artist Maria is knocking it out of the park with her enchanting artwork. I am excited to see each wall come together.


Structural view

Here’s a quick 5 second view of our beloved Ohana Retreat Bali:

I know its not very pretty yet, but it will be soon enough.

The lone artisan

It’s not often to find solitary workers in the building trade in Indonesia, as helpers are so easy to come by. But our terrazzo artisan is running solo.

I wanted to use terrazzo on the floors and stairs but after interviewing terrazzo contractors and seeing their work, I concluded that it’s a pretty high maintenance item. Best to use it sparingly.