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Totally BAKED, here in Pererenan

BAKED is a popular bakery which is based in Berawa, and now they’ve set up a lovely spot as my next-door neighbor! Today was their grand opening. Having spent over twenty years in California, when I think of the word “baked” I can’t help but think of someone who has had too much marijuana to […]

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Sea-See Resort Plows Ahead

Directly across from our humble guest house / boutique hotel will be a massive resort with over 200 rooms. Fortunately there will be underground parking and so, due to smart design, we are all hopeful that there won’t be traffic jams clogging up our lovely little neighborhood. The effort is a first-class undertaking, with swanky […]

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Touché Cafe is here and it’s Hip

Yes new cafes and restaurants keep arriving in Pererenan. And all are welcome, unless we become another overdeveloped town. Touché has the right look: gleaming white surfaces, spaces in the wall for cool art, black steel doors, and an inviting vibe. So, what about the food? Well… for both my wife and I it was […]

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Your moment of Zen #1

Dogs, dogs, dogs. Bali is a dog paradise, although some dogs do better than others. At the beach the dogs get a chance to play and eat leftovers from sloppy humans. What more could you ask for?

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Water Tank Maintenance

It’s not very exciting to repair your water tanks. But just the thought of the tank’s cheap steal stands giving way and imagining one or both of them rolling all over the roof gives me pause. Fortunately I have a great repair guy, Jojo, who knows just about anyone you need regarding fixing things. I […]