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Getting Stylish at Ohana Retreat Bali

Our guest Alex is a digital nomad, from Romania. He’s a fit and disciplined guy and has settled into Bali very comfortably. For work Alex is a sales guy. I’m not sure exactly what he sells but the point is it pays the bills. During his free time, Alex has been tempted by a side […]

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BABAstreet: Where Thai, Malay, Indo & Sg Meet

When different cuisines cross-pollinate you can get beautiful, fragrant flowers, or you can get weeds. Fortunately at BABAstreet, it’s an in-your-face rainbow bouquet. Whether you go curry or crispy pork belly, or whether you go moo ping or mee pok, you will be in for some very pleasant surprises. I’ve had several dishes and so […]

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Blow-your-mind Bread at BARO Bakery

The owner of BARO bakery, Emerson Manibo, is passionate about bread. Having trained in the USA for five years and worked at the famous Tartine bakery in San Francisco, Emerson knows his dough. Amazingly, he’s brought his talent to the tiny town of Pererenan, in a sweet spot just a few minutes from the beach. […]

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When it rains, it pours

This post is for those people who are considering owning an inn, a bed & breakfast, or a boutique hotel. As you might imagine, there will be nothing glamorous that I’m going to share. First, our well pump died. That means once the water is used up from our two water tanks, we are dry. […]

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Plastic in Paradise

It is obvious when one first visits Bali that, as a whole, the island is far from pristine. The word paradise means: heaven, as the final abode of the righteous. an intermediate place for the departed souls of the righteous awaiting resurrection. (often initial capital letter) Eden. a place of extreme beauty, delight, or happiness. […]