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Random Photos: Pererenan Part 1

For this post I’m going to keep text to a minimum and provide some photos from my daily walks around town, including the outlying rice fields. Enjoy

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Bali Ducks Living the Good Life

Being a duck in Bali means having a chance to devour all of the yummy treats that are left after a rice harvest. Ducks are free to roam, and then when the job is done, the rice farmer corrals the ducks up and somehow gets them back in the truck. Here’s 45 seconds of duck […]

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My Pererenan Story

2018 to 2020 in Southern Bali, Indonesia The following is a photo essay of this unique and wonderful part of Bali. Click the button above for a full screen experience in a new window (best viewed on a computer or tablet). Or scroll below.

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The cows in the field are quite still

I’m in Bali  The cows in the field are quite still They observe the rice farmers with their daily rituals Checking and adjusting water levels Weeding Tilling Recycling dead rice stalks by burning Releasing ducks for cleaning and fertilizing Planting rice seedlings Harvesting The cows in the neighboring field are quite still Rice is sacred […]

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Join Us on a Daily Walk

We can walk between 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) – 1.6 miles (2.6 kilometers) through rice fields, across a stream, and along Pantai Pererenan. It is a fairly flat walk but there are a couple of small ups and downs. Overall it is a great way to start your day. It takes about 30 minutes and […]