Week #02 – Some boundary wall foundations nearly completed

Even with some rain this week the crew accomplished a significant amount of work building foundations for the boundary walls. There’s a total of twelve workers that work seven days a week. I wish I could speak to them more directly, even for something trivial like discussing the weather, but alas there’s a major language barrier between us.

However, it’s so enjoyable to go visit the property each day and see more progress.

We’re getting closer and closer to starting on the building’s foundation. Yeah baby!

Here’s mud in your eye (and everywhere else)

The crew has been busy digging, hauling rocks and building the boundary walls. The weather has been quite nice, that is until yesterday, when the sky opened up and buckets of rain fell.

Of course the concrete will harden regardless of the rain. It’s more that the workers will have to work in fields of mud:

I hope that when you view a photo like the one above you will come to appreciate all of the crazy amount of physical labor that’s involved in building a vacation retreat, or any structure.

And that the beginning of the project is unforgiving when it comes to the creation of mud. Even the thickest of grasses would give way to the constant foot traffic, wheel barrels of heavy rock, etc.

I’ve never been to a work site that didn’t have tons of mud at the earliest stages. Of course I haven’t built in the desert, and so I’m sure there are exceptions.

As you visit a hotel or a retreat and you are flush with clean towels and a sparklingly clean room, surrounded by a manicured landscape and a crystal-clear swimming pool, keep in mind:

the laborers had to slog through the mud for days on end… just for you.