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Your moment of Zen #1

Dogs, dogs, dogs. Bali is a dog paradise, although some dogs do better than others. At the beach the dogs get a chance to play and eat leftovers from sloppy humans. What more could you ask for?

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Water Tank Maintenance

It’s not very exciting to repair your water tanks. But just the thought of the tank’s cheap steal stands giving way and imagining one or both of them rolling all over the roof gives me pause. Fortunately I have a great repair guy, Jojo, who knows just about anyone you need regarding fixing things. I […]

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RiZE Cafe

You might pass RiZE Cafe by on your way to the beach, as it’s behind another restaurant, Zali. It would be a mistake to pass this wonderful cafe without trying one of its signature dishes, the masala dosa. Wow. I started having it for breakfast, which I didn’t think I’d enjoy initially. But boy was […]

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Under the Radar, Genius Bistro

Ive passed Genius Bistro numerous times and it has always made me curious. What kind of place is this? It’s also in an unusual location, on Jalan Sempol, in-between Pererenan and Canggu. Turns out this French inspired bistro is quite good. The setting is lovely, the staff is a delight, and the food (I ordered […]


Yet another Italian Restaurant Arrives on the Pererenan Scene

In these trying times it still amazes me that entrepreneurs continue to fight the headwinds and open up businesses when, at least in Bali, the international airport has been shut down for a long time. There are about 110,000 expats and foreigners, however, who call Bali home, and for now that is the customer base […]