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Trying Traditional Medicine

I had an accident that was too ridiculous to describe in detail. Let’s just say I was on my way to adding a few tiny fish to our koi pond and ended up in it temporarily. I had a nice but small gash below my left knee, and then Shelly went looking for stitch bandaids, […]

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First Rooftop Event — Tune In: Story & Sound

One of our guests, Jennifer Capo, who has stayed at Ohana Retreat Bali several times, created a special event on our rooftop. She invited local artists, musicians, storytellers, and even an astrologer. It started out simple enough: we moved cushions from various places onto the rooftop: The event started at 6pm. An unusual electronic cello […]

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Apartment For Sale

Apartment for sale in Pererenan. Four levels. Can sleep up to 6 people. Access to all of the facilities at Ohana Retreat Bali including a large pool, rooftop bar, rooftop yoga space, pool cafe, and more.  146 sq meters — 1,572 sq feet The price for this apartment is based on a number of factors. […]

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Retire in Bali

If you have ever wondered whether it is possible for you to live in Bali, here is a chance to inform yourself on what it may cost you. Of course everyone’s budget is different, but this overview should at the very least make you better prepared to take the leap. The following are links to […]

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Jojo & little Jojo

I asked Jojo to come to Ohana for two jobs: to install a CCD-TV camera and to swap out a broken showerhead near the swimming pool and replace it with bamboo. This time Jojo brought his son, also called Jojo. Since we hired a Balinese artist to create a faux rocky wall in order to […]