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Down-home with Home

Like many people, I judge a restaurant or cafe by the quality of the food, although atmosphere does play a role. However, in these times of food porn and Instagrammable moments it might be easy to forget the importance of the craft taking place inside the kitchen. In the case of Home, a new restaurant […]

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Vedic Kitchen is here for all of you Dosa Lovers

If you are like me then you’d be a happy camper if there was only one place in Pererenan that serves up delicious dosas. But now we can be extra thankful that there’s TWO! Vedic Kitchen can serve you three types of dosas: original, with mung beans, or with chickpeas. I went with the original […]

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A micro example of daily life in Bali

At a local farmer’s market I met a businesswoman who sells jamu (health drinks made with fruits and herbs). On Thursdays she sends texts to her customers via WhatsApp and then delivers on Saturdays. Here’s the delivery guy: After inquiring about his scooter, I was told it’s a 1978 Honda, handed down to him from his Dad. […]

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Getting Serious about Sandwiches: Sandwichopedia Opens

With many Western-style restaurants in Bali, I set my sights for slightly above-average and then am pleasantly surprised if the food exceeds my expectations. Why? Because many bule (foreigner) owned restaurants start out with proper training, but then once the owner isn’t around, the standards shift as local tastes don’t match the food being served. […]

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Balinese Beach Ceremony for a Baby

Preparing for a Balinese baby to walk the Earth: Babies on the Indonesian island of Bali don’t start off life on the right foot — or on the left. That is because a prevalent and ancient custom there says an infant’s feet should not touch the ground for the first 105 days after birth. The […]