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Local kite festival at Pererenan Beach, Bali

Our beach is very popular with the locals on Sundays. But today it was extra delightful as it filled with teams of kite flyers from the surrounding villages. I was fortunate to catch teams as they were arriving, as well as a few competitive matches. It was a sight to behold. Each July in Sanur they have […]

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Week #01 – Digging ditches

We are off and running! A small team is on the job, digging out the path for the boundary walls. Some of the crew is involved in the Ramadan monthly fast in honor of the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad:

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In memory of Anthony Bourdain

“There are two ways of traveling, which are really two ways of looking at the world. You can see another country as simply an experience to consume, a place to collect trophies. Or you can look at it as an environment to interact with, something that changes you through the encounter and that you inevitably […]

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As close to a blank slate as possible

There are two times during the building process when you are faced with a world with infinite possibilities: one is during the first meeting with your architect, when you share your vision; and secondly, when the land has been cleared of debris, stripped down to dirt and grass. In both cases you can say, let’s […]

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Property boundary pins in the ground (finally!)

Thanks to: – two realtors – two Indonesian nominees – two notaries – a government land survey department – the BPN office – Badan Pertanahan National (Ministry of Agrarian And Spatial / National Land Agency) – a road building crew – Shelly, and more Above: two of the four pins Having placed a deposit on […]