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“Can’t find better”

“I travelled often but never really took the time to write any reviews (even though I find them super helpful) But my stay at Ohana was that amazing that I owed the hosts 5 minutes to thank them for their hospitality and making sure we had the best time! I can not recommend Ohana Retreat […]

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“First time I was able to relax since I had the twins four years ago”

A lovely family from Australia (originally from England) extended their 6 night original booking, adding 4 more nights. They were even willing to incur a 1 night charge at the Sanur hotel they had booked, in order to stay with us. Blog update: After adding four more nights, they extended their stay a second time. […]

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Michael & Sharon

Michael & Sharon came from the USA to Bali and stayed with us throughout their entire vacation. It was their first trip to Bali. They put in place a flexible plan to rent a car every other day and they more or less held to it. When not traveling the island they would take walks […]

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A very special testimonial

We have a new friend at Ohana Retreat Bali, named Indiana, who is here with her lovely family. She and her family are traveling around the world for 1 year, and currently they’re in their 11th month. When we named our place Ohana we borrowed the name from the native Hawaiians. It means extended family, […]