FAQ frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you pick us up at the airport?

Yes. Our driver will have a sign with your name and Ohana Retreat Bali on it. The price for up to 4 people is 350,000 rupiah. You don’t need to have rupiah on you, as we can settle up later. Just message us after you make a reservation.

  • Do we need a car to get around?

It depends. We have had guests stay and only walk. We can have a rental scooter delivered to Ohana if a guest(s) wants to scooter around. Prices range from 70,000 to 100,000 per day depending on the quality of the scooter. Some guests download the Grab app and use it to hire a car for a one way trip. Prices to the famed Old Man’s bar in Canggu is approximately 60,000. To go to the iconic Potato Head beach club in Seminyak is approximately 110,00. We also hire cars for guests, typically at a rate of 400,000 for a 1/2 day and 800,000 for a full day.

There are many restaurants within walking distance of Ohana. The shortest is about 2 or 3 minutes and the furthest in Pererenan is about 20 minutes. You can also walk to the beach and then over a walking bridge to Echo Beach. There are numerous restaurants there, as well as the hipster day club La Brisa.

A walking trail across from Ohana
  • How much do your rooms cost?

We have two types of rooms, a Deluxe Room with a King bed and large bathroom; and a Loft Room with two single beds upstairs (that can zip together into a King bed) and a King bed downstairs. Loft Rooms come with 1.5 bathrooms: the 1/2 bath is upstairs and a full bathroom downstairs. Prices are here.

  • What is there to do in Pererenan?

You can take a look here and here for a couple of different overviews of the area. In general Pererenan is an up and coming, yet still quiet neighborhood next to busy Canggu, and many people stay here to have a peaceful experience and then transport themselves to busy areas for day trips.

La Brisa day club is 20 minutes away by foot
  • Do you serve food?

Yes. We request that you order breakfast or lunch one day in advance. We do not serve dinner. Notes: We offer free self-service coffee & tea 24 hours day at our cafe. In addition to our cafe there are at least 5 restaurants that serve breakfast, lunch or dinner within a 15 minute walk.

Breakfast menu
Lunch menu
  • Do you serve alcoholic drinks?

Yes. We have a lovely rooftop bar that has a limited drink menu (but great sunset views). However, if you send us your requests in advance we will do our best to stock up on your favorite drinks.

Our rooftop bar
  • Are you really a boutique hotel?

We are small and stylish. We have custom mural art in each room, on more than one wall per room. We have custom furniture from the finest craftspeople in Bali. We have modern conveniences such as USB outlets next to your bed, as well as a Smart TV in each room. Our beds are 5-star, with pillow top mattresses. Our bathrooms come with waterfall shower heads. We have a writing desk and a safe in each room. Some rooms have a table with four chairs. Etc.

Yes, we are a boutique hotel.

  • Are you really a premium homestay?

We live in our hotel, in an apartment. Typically homestay owners live year round at their homestay as well. But we have a modern setup, unlike most homestays. We have the same beds as our guests, as well as the same TVs, etc. So that’s why we added the word ‘premium” to homestay.

The benefit for our guests of combining a boutique hotel with a premium homestay is that, unlike some hotel managers, we really care about making your experience as carefree and lovely as possible. Our goal is to solve any problem as soon as it happens, as there is no chain of command leading from, let’s say, the housekeeping staff to the day manager to the executive staff. As the owners, we want to solve the problem immediately, whenever possible.

Yes, we are also a premium homestay.

  • Is your hotel in a safe location?

Yes. Pererenan is a relatively prosperous Balinese community, with many villas, small hotels, and a variety of restaurants and shops that are safe to walk to day or night. That said, we do have a CCD camera at the outside gate electronic gate and another camera in the parking area.

  • Are children safely play here?

Yes. We have a shallow area of the pool that children can play in. We have a koi pond, and the kids can help with feeding the fish twice a day. We are at the end of a private road and the electronic gate closes automatically after 1.5 minutes. Our puppy Twinky is very playful and the children are welcome to visit Twinky even if she is in our apartment. There’s also an outdoor floating bed that children (and adults) enjoy, as the bed gently sways in the breeze.

Twinky with a guest
  • What if I have a medical emergency?

Within a 5 minute walk or a 1 minute car or scooter ride is Canggu Medical. They’re a mini treatment center with a doctor in-house. They have a medical van to take you to the hospital of your choice. We use Siloam Hospital in Kuta and are pleased with the medical care. Siloam is 45-60 minutes away, depending on traffic.