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Grapes, Grapes etc

Happy belated New Year to our readers and guests. 2020 was a struggle, to say the least, and now that the covid-19 vaccine is starting to roll out there is hope that travel can begin again once enough people are vaccinated. In the meantime we have some guests that have been in Bali for a […]

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Taco Swell

Are you in the mood for a funky, out-of-the-way place with homemade Mexican food, a chill vibe, and views of the ocean? If so then here’s what to do. Driving down Pantai Pererenan as if youre going to the beach, pass Monsieur Spoon (on the right) and then slow down. Go about 50 meters or […]

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Making it cozy

Our loft guest Milos has his own ideas about interior design. And we’re OK with that. If a monthly guest wants to add his or her own touch in order to make the place feel like its theirs, it’s all good. As you can tell, Milos likes plants. Here’s some more: Upstairs he’s turned a […]

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Singa Burger Bar

It is not entirely uncommon for an entrepreneur to start a business outside his comfort zone. Sammy, the owner of Monsieur Spoon in Pererenan, decided to go bold and adopt the American hamburger. He’s placed his burger bar next to his French cafe (which is more amenable to his tastes, as he’s from France), but […]

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Bali’s Dog Whisperers

In Bali there are many, many dogs. And many are living without caretakers. The dogs roam from restaurant to restaurant looking to be adopted. Many are undernourished, torn and tattered. Theres is even a small industry of scooter mod makers such as @thedognestbali that sells dog carriers. Fortunately there’s a growing crew of expats and […]