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Bunny cafe opens — a hop away

In these challenging times it’s a credit to the human spirit to see a cafe opening up. And it is literally a hop away. Our next door neighbor will be selling rolled ice cream, sorbets, pancakes, smoothies, smoothie bowls, milkshakes, fresh juices, coffees and chia pudding. We brought our staff to check it out: The […]

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The Coconut Lady

From the above image it’s not entirely clear what is going on. There’s no signage but there is obviously a cage filled with coconuts. To a local I’m sure no sign is necessary. This shop is for buying coconuts and/or coconut drinks. That’s it! The coconut lady has a big blue bucket for ice, another […]

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Kite season 2020

The above photo is from a kite that fell from the sky, onto our property, just a few days ago. We would have been happy to return the kite, but no one has claimed it. So now the kite will decorate one of our parking garage walls. This time of year the winds blow and […]

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Our Twinky, the Instagram Celebrity lol

A year ago we brought a little puppy to Ohana: She is over a year old now and there hasn’t been a single guest who has not enjoyed Twinky. Daniel & Jessi, who have been with us throughout the pandemic, know their way around Instagram. We arranged for them to promote Ohana, but they fell […]

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Happy Anniversary to Ohana Retreat Bali

We opened to great fanfare (not really) exactly a year ago. It was definitely a “soft” opening. During the entire month of June we had only one set of guests (3 people in one loft room)… Have you ever tried opening up a boutique hotel with no reviews in this day and age? I don’t […]