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Happy Anniversary to Ohana Retreat Bali

We opened to great fanfare (not really) exactly a year ago. It was definitely a “soft” opening. During the entire month of June we had only one set of guests (3 people in one loft room)… Have you ever tried opening up a boutique hotel with no reviews in this day and age? I don’t […]

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Ohana Retreat Bali during the month of April

This month we have been under the Covid-19 siege and so we have been in lockdown. Our one set of guests have been with us throughout this strange time, but mostly Ohana feels quite empty. Still it is an inspiration to us. Sometimes it’s enough to just observe how the light affects the view of […]

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Pererenan Beach 2019 & 2020

2019 was an eventful year in this little section of paradise. Besides the opening of our boutique hotel in June, we witnessed the opening of two other hotels: nearby Wasabi Hotel, and closer to the beach, Shore Amora Canggu, a rugged yet modern hotel / villa complex. The addition of several restaurants, including nearby Honey, […]

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New Photo Collage Video

We’ve been open for five months and are thrilled with the positive comments from our guests. We are so grateful for what we are learning and experiencing here at Ohana. Our goal of creating a special type of personal retreat where guests feel at home, with modern creature comforts and a boutique hotel atmosphere, is […]

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Guests from 12 different countries so far

We’ve only been opened for two months and during the first month we only had two bookings. Still, we had guests from 12 countries in less than 60 days. I’m including guests who stay overnight as well as guests who just visit for the cooking classes. They’re both part of the Ohana experience. Each visitor […]