Design News Preliminary Work

New Project Idea

Concept: Older people seeking vibrant communities and connection As we grow older new needs arise. During this particular phase of life, our responses to these new needs can either enhance how we live, or they can become detrimental. If older people are isolated for just four years, for example, they begin to lose cognitive functions. […]

Construction Design News Retreat

Our upcoming yoga / wedding / covered arbor space

We began a metal structure in late June that would support grape vines, climbing roses and markisa plants (passion fruit). After a month the plants settled in and, for the most part, decided to grow — although more slowly than expected. The rainy season did not kick into gear during November, but we’ve had a […]

Construction Design Guests News

Some improvements, tweaks, modifications

We opened our doors on June 1st, so after six months we couldn’t resist the urge to make some improvements. We expanded our massage room into a full-blown spa, albeit a small or, to be more polite, a “cute” one. It’s going to be a lovely little space, as you can you the beginnings of […]

Design News Reflections

What does Affordable Luxury mean?

When I first heard the term affordable luxury I dismissed it as an oxymoron. Either something is luxurious or its affordable. It cannot be both. But recently I watched a great documentary episode on Netflix called Abstract, about the interior designer Ilse Crawford, and had second thoughts. Crawford defines luxury as “attention”. A “special sauce” […]

Construction Design News

A Covered Arbor Part II

The first step of the project was to get the metal structure into place. In addition we added string lights and a water misting system. The next phase was bringing 31 concrete planter boxes up 3 flights of stairs and to move them into place around the perimeter of the structure. Then we had to […]