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New Restaurants Keep Popping Up

There’s a lot to be said for the entrepreneurial spirit. When a normal person zigs, the entrepreneur zags. And so opening a restaurant when hotel occupancy in Bali is 5% of capacity (due to covid-19) kind-of makes sense if you are passionate about your own ideas and beliefs. The owner of a new tapas place, […]

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Upcoming Surprise #1

We have two rooftops: a bar, as well as a yoga / wedding space. We have been growing grapes on the wedding space for some time, yet we are still in the early stages of getting the most out of our horticultural efforts. In the meantime my wife Shelly came up with a brilliant idea, […]

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Fish Salesman

During a recent daily walk a man on his scooter stopped me. I didn’t mind as I was mesmerized by his dog. The man handed me a flyer and when I took it I asked whether I can take photos of his dog. We have not yet ordered any fish but the prices are reasonable […]

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Bali’s Rainy Season and its Costs

There are immeasurable benefits to a significant rainy season, as it first and foremost eliminates the threat of drought. Rain not only replenishes the water table, it feeds the rice fields, which gives sustenance to the Bali people. But it comes at a cost, and that is in the form of structural leaks. Mold can […]

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Grapes, Grapes etc

Happy belated New Year to our readers and guests. 2020 was a struggle, to say the least, and now that the covid-19 vaccine is starting to roll out there is hope that travel can begin again once enough people are vaccinated. In the meantime we have some guests that have been in Bali for a […]