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Come to Pererenan and Boost your Health

There has already been scientific studies proving the benefits of immersing yourself in green spaces. The Japanese even have a name for it, “forest bathing.” Benefits include: lower heart rate and blood pressure reduction in stress hormone production boosted immune system improvement in overall feelings of wellbeing Now there is new research supporting exposure to […]

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New Photo Collage Video

We’ve been open for five months and are thrilled with the positive comments from our guests. We are so grateful for what we are learning and experiencing here at Ohana. Our goal of creating a special type of personal retreat where guests feel at home, with modern creature comforts and a boutique hotel atmosphere, is […]

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Two years ago we found the perfect place near a beach

The Canggu area is lovely, but as you may already know, its getting crowded. Development in Bali is a tricky business, a slow tsunami that can overwhelm the locals if they’re not careful. Not far from Canggu there’s a small wave of new venues, as well as a few big ones opening up. Yet overall […]

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Saté Grill (or Satay) at your service

We installed a modern saté (satay) grill here at Ohana. So with advanced notice, we can make grilled chicken, shrimp, vegetables etc as a custom food order. Here’s a look at chicken saté: For the chicken saté we marinate the chicken overnight and then make an amazing peanut sauce with belimbing that can be lathered […]

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First Film Crew at Ohana Retreat Bali

Thanks to a most pleasant partnership with Baliprod, we were introduced to the crew behind the upcoming feature-length Indie film Nomad, as they stayed with us for three nights. The film’s working tag line is “A love story on 7 continents,” while their audacious plan is to film in 25 countries without artificial lights, green […]