Construction News

Week #25 — Some doors installed, and much more

Construction crews have now built all of the columns for the final ceiling / flat roof. Once the columns are up then the workers start to connect beams from column to column. From there they place bamboo sticks every foot or so to support a plywood base for the concrete pour (in approx. 12 days). […]

Construction News Preliminary Work

Week #22 — Staircases, finishing concrete, and more

The structure is changing rapidly now and it’s exciting to see the development on a daily basis. There were months when the progress was like this: holes dug in the ground, mud, then more holes, more mud; concrete and steel going into the holes, then more concrete and steel (don’t forget the mud); and finally […]

News Travel Tips

Tips for a vacation with maximum rejuvenation

What is a vacation if we cannot feel refreshed, to perhaps see things with a new sparkle or walk with an unexpected spring in our step? Now there’s new research that can help those who can afford to get away, for at least a few days, from the routine and responsibilities of work. According to […]

News Preliminary Work

Preparing for boundary walls

Creating a partition between your land and the neighbors is accomplished typically with concrete-block walls. A foundation is dug and river rocks are mixed with cement to: create a stable base for wall construction, and secondly to keep the limestone or dirt fill in place. Above: a standard boundary wall foundation. The limestone or dirt […]