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A very special Balinese experience

Our builder, Wayan, is a leader in his local village and twice a year hosts a Balinese ceremony. (Photo: Wayan to my left, his partners, and the site foreman – in a striped shirt) Wayan invited Shelly and I to a post-ceremony celebration of music, dance and Balinese cuisine at his home. It was a […]

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A Pererenan map with Photo Highlights

If there is one constant here in Bali, it’s that of dynamic change. Trying to capture a particular “neighborhood” is at best a blurry snapshot, as cafes pop up, villas and shops appear, and the landscape is suddenly, almost magically different. Swipe your way from Pererenan beach to the main road, Jalan Raya Canggu:

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Pescado Arrives

During one of the numerous meetings with our architects it was casually mentioned that they’re designing a restaurant in Pererenan, not far from where our retreat will be. I found it back in May: I immediately liked the look, and I was also told it will be serving Spanish food. I thought oh tapas that […]

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A moment at the beach

On Sundays there’s quite a few food vendors at Pantai Pererenan, but the corn guy is an everyday staple (mostly), along with the combi cafe VW van. And now, here is your moment of zen:

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Snack and drink lady finds our property

It was a pleasant surprise to see a snack lady selling drinks and snacks to the workers. She has figured out a niche business for herself. It speaks to the resourcefulness of the Balinese. They are a proud, hard-working, artistic and spiritual people. I am honored to work with them.