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Our “Over the Top” Neighbor

In our little neck of the woods there’s a number of impressive villas for rent, and slowly but surely hotels will be popping up over the next few years. But if I had to place a bet on the villa with the most understated eye candy, I’d choose The River House. Designed by architect Alexis […]

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Nyepi – Silent Day for Bali

The Balinese do an amazing job of shutting down the island for one of their most important days of the year, Nyepi: Observed from 6 a.m. until 6 a.m. the next morning, Nyepi is a day reserved forĀ self-reflection, and as such, anything that might interfere with that purpose is restricted. The main restrictions are no […]

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Upcoming Surprise #1

We have two rooftops: a bar, as well as a yoga / wedding space. We have been growing grapes on the wedding space for some time, yet we are still in the early stages of getting the most out of our horticultural efforts. In the meantime my wife Shelly came up with a brilliant idea, […]

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Taco Swell

Are you in the mood for a funky, out-of-the-way place with homemade Mexican food, a chill vibe, and views of the ocean? If so then here’s what to do. Driving down Pantai Pererenan as if youre going to the beach, pass Monsieur Spoon (on the right) and then slow down. Go about 50 meters or […]

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Jl. Pantai Pererenan: What’s New and What’s Gone

About 13 months ago I wrote about 4 new cafes opening on our main street (Jl. Pantai Pererenan). I titled the post, “I turned my head & 4 cafes opened.” It was pre-covid and food venues were opening at a blistering pace. You would think that things would be slowing to a crawl, but you’d […]