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Retire There with Gil & Gene

I was interviewed by the very sincere and lovely couple Gil & Gene, who have been thinking about retiring for quite some time. Covid-19 came along and put all plans on hold. So they turned a pause into a pivot and now they’ve become hosts of a podcast show on retiring anywhere on the planet. […]

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Retire in Bali

If you have ever wondered whether it is possible for you to live in Bali, here is a chance to inform yourself on what it may cost you. Of course everyone’s budget is different, but this overview should at the very least make you better prepared to take the leap. The following are links to […]

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New Project Idea

Concept: Older people seeking vibrant communities and connection As we grow older new needs arise. During this particular phase of life, our responses to these new needs can either enhance how we live, or they can become detrimental. If older people are isolated for just four years, for example, they begin to lose cognitive functions. […]