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Upcoming Surprise #1

We have two rooftops: a bar, as well as a yoga / wedding space. We have been growing grapes on the wedding space for some time, yet we are still in the early stages of getting the most out of our horticultural efforts. In the meantime my wife Shelly came up with a brilliant idea, […]

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First Rooftop Event — Tune In: Story & Sound

One of our guests, Jennifer Capo, who has stayed at Ohana Retreat Bali several times, created a special event on our rooftop. She invited local artists, musicians, storytellers, and even an astrologer. It started out simple enough: we moved cushions from various places onto the rooftop: The event started at 6pm. An unusual electronic cello […]

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Week #46 — The rooftop bar opens! (Temporarily)

We did our best to clear away the dust in order to host 25 friends for my birthday party on our rooftop bar. It was so much fun to finally have some drinks and appetizers instead of dealing with the construction process. To hold an actual drink (a screwdriver of course) instead of a tape […]