Construction News

Week #47 — Final stretch Part 1

We said goodbye to the last of the workers who have made their temporary home with us. First they slept under tarps when there wasn’t a structure in place. Then they slept in empty concrete rooms, most of the time on thrown-together wooden beds without mattresses. They first came from the hill country of Bali. […]

Local life News

Walking bridge joins Echo and Pererenan beaches

Plans are made, adjusted and negotiated, and then finally the workers are called so that something real comes of the plans. In this case its a lovely walking trail and bridge that connects two beaches. The first of two bridge support runs are in place. The view across to Echo Beach. Up close and personal […]

News Travel Tips

Eating in Bali: Warungs are the Thing

Given the relatively small size of the island of Bali, there’s an extraordinary variety of eating establishments here. And it seems that new places are popping up daily, if not weekly. This is a huge bonus for visitors, and even more importantly for expats: it means that you will never be bored when it comes […]