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Grapes, Grapes etc

Happy belated New Year to our readers and guests. 2020 was a struggle, to say the least, and now that the covid-19 vaccine is starting to roll out there is hope that travel can begin again once enough people are vaccinated. In the meantime we have some guests that have been in Bali for a […]

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My favorite farmer and other news

As some of you may know by now, there are great walking trails as well as quiet roads around Pererenan. I’ve documented my walks here, here, and here. Over time I have encountered many fellow walkers, as well as the local rice and cow farmers. I tend to wave and say Pagi (morning) and continue […]

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Getting serious about grapes

About 15 months ago we began an experiment for 1 of our 2 roofs. We built a metal arbor and started to plant a local variety of grapes, in order to create a shaded space for weddings or group gatherings. Around 9 months ago we started to see our local grapes growing on the vine. […]

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First Grape Harvest

We planted grape vines about 7 or 8 months ago, with the goal of creating a shaded yoga / wedding space. I imagine we’re at least 6-9 months from getting enough shade to keep an event from overheating. In the meantime we are tending to the vines and have been surprised to see so many […]

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Our upcoming yoga / wedding / covered arbor space

We began a metal structure in late June that would support grape vines, climbing roses and markisa plants (passion fruit). After a month the plants settled in and, for the most part, decided to grow — although more slowly than expected. The rainy season did not kick into gear during November, but we’ve had a […]