Interior spaces: finally something to show

Above: our mural artist Maria, whom we met in Bali a year ago, came back from St. Petersburg, Russia especially to create murals on our walls.

We first started working on the interior in bits and pieces, in different rooms, and it seemed too random until I told Wayan (my builder) that we wanted to move in to the residential side of the structure by the end of February. After that the majority of the workers switched their focus.

The floor is a dark gray but you wouldn’t know it from the mud that has been tracked all over it. To the right are two walls: both will have the plant mural seen above.

As a side note, the temporary bamboo support is just one of dozens of McGyver techniques the Indonesian people use when faced with extemporaneous situations.

Week #32 – Tile floors & the kitchen sink

We have reached a point where the latest work on the project is bringing a sense of aesthetic and completeness. While not a single room is actually finished, there are pieces of the puzzle that are coming together.

My builder has completed a couple of his other projects and is now more focused on “getting the job done” as well.