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Getting serious about grapes

About 15 months ago we began an experiment for 1 of our 2 roofs. We built a metal arbor and started to plant a local variety of grapes, in order to create a shaded space for weddings or group gatherings. Around 9 months ago we started to see our local grapes growing on the vine. […]

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Maintenance Items

During this pandemic downtime, it is a good idea to repair and upgrade whatever you can, since there are zero guests to disturb. Repair small leaks, install a few solar lights, plant a few new plants. Etc It is not the most exciting things to do, but they’re necessary. Bali opened up to local tourists […]

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First Rooftop Event — Tune In: Story & Sound

One of our guests, Jennifer Capo, who has stayed at Ohana Retreat Bali several times, created a special event on our rooftop. She invited local artists, musicians, storytellers, and even an astrologer. It started out simple enough: we moved cushions from various places onto the rooftop: The event started at 6pm. An unusual electronic cello […]

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Apartment For Sale

Apartment for sale in Pererenan. Four levels. Can sleep up to 6 people. Access to all of the facilities at Ohana Retreat Bali including a large pool, rooftop bar, rooftop yoga space, pool cafe, and more.  146 sq meters — 1,572 sq feet The price for this apartment is based on a number of factors. […]

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Jojo & little Jojo

I asked Jojo to come to Ohana for two jobs: to install a CCD-TV camera and to swap out a broken showerhead near the swimming pool and replace it with bamboo. This time Jojo brought his son, also called Jojo. Since we hired a Balinese artist to create a faux rocky wall in order to […]