Construction Design News

We’re Open!

It’s been a long yet fruitful year, and finally we can welcome you in style! Next week we will have our booking engine up and running. Or look for us on the major booking platforms such as,,, etc. We hope to see you soon.

Local life News

Your hosts have arrived

As the Balinese New Year (Nyepi) approaches we were able to move our things from our rental unit and make our new home moderately livable before the entire island shuts down. During 24 hours — after two days of purification ceremonies as well as one evening of scaring the demons away (Ogoh-Ogoh), the airport closes, […]

Construction News

Week #26 — multi-tasking mania

Photos tell one type of story but by the time the photo is taken there could have been a whole series of decisions leading up to it that were not photographed. For example this photo: shows electric wiring, but in the wrong location. Part of the problem resulted from language barriers. Other parts from relying […]